Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Sound is an eco design, which gives consumers a practical radio, as well as an attractive and unique product. Its clean folds produce a form which is drawn from radios of the 1960s, yet the simple feel and clever slot structure, which encloses the components, generate an organic quality. The thoughtful design means that aside from the circuitry no materials other than cardboard are used… not even glue, making the recycling of this product simple. Produced and purchased as a flat sheet, Environmentally Sound is easily assembled by its user. Perfect for those who are eco-minded, or someone who simply wishes to have a chic and distinctive product.

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The Environmentally Sound radio appeared in issue 74 of New Design magazine, was exhibited at the 2011 ‘New York International Gift Fair’ and has been commercially released this summer (2011), by Suck UK, with John Lewis being amongst the retailers to make an initial order.